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At our core, we are more than just a mould remediation service in West Yorkshire; we are guardians of health and safety within your living and working spaces. With a profound understanding of the destructive potential of mould, we have made it our mission to protect not only the structural integrity of your property but, more importantly, the well-being of its occupants.

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Our team of experts, armed with knowledge, skills, and advanced techniques, stands ready to combat mould-related issues, creating environments where you can thrive.

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We’re offering a unique opportunity to experience our expert services with a free consultation and free reports. Don’t let mould problems linger; seize this chance to understand the extent of the issue and the steps needed to eliminate it.  Our team of specialists is ready to assist you in creating a mould-free environment that you can breathe easy in. Take the first step by clicking below and claiming your free consultation and reports. Your mould-free journey begins here, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Our Services

We guarantee to be your ultimate safeguard against mould in West Yorkshire. Our exceptional services ensure that you, your family, and your business enjoy a healthier and safer environment. We specialize in customized mould remediation, tackling even the most severe issues with ease. Rest assured that your property’s well-being is in the best hands with us.

Mould Removal and Remediation

MTeam Home treatment

OUR 4S APPROACH: Eradicate, Seal, Shield and Beautify

Through years of field experience and gathered expertise, our team has adopted a mechanism known as the Mould Team 4s approach. The 4s approach has efficiently found, eradicated, and ensured the mould never returned.


Mould Eradication with our
penetrating fungicide


Seal the area with our Mteam


Thermal and Anti Condensation


Redecorating the affected wall
with emulsion paint

M-Team Barrier

Your First Line of Defence

Our M-Team Barrier isn’t just an ordinary wall coating; it’s a highly advanced microbial solution engineered for maximum effectiveness. It forms covalent bonds with the surface when applied, creating a durable shield built to last.

What truly makes the M-Team Barrier extraordinary is its groundbreaking technology – specialized carbon spikes. These minuscule marvels, numbering millions per square inch, act as an army of sentinels primed to combat mould on a microscopic scale. When mould comes into contact with the barrier, these carbon spikes spearhead a rapid, lethal response, eliminating mould instantly.

The numbers speak for themselves: millions of carbon spikes, covalent bonds that endure, and a wall coating engineered for long-term defense. With the M-Team Barrier, you’re not just getting protection; you’re getting a scientifically proven solution that redefines mould prevention at its core.”

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Choosing ‘The Mould Team’ is not just about mould remediation; it’s about transforming your living and working spaces into healthier, safer sanctuaries. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, fortified by years of experience and cutting-edge technology, guarantees that you receive a service and a holistic solution. Beyond mould removal, we’re your partners in preventing its return, ensuring your space is perpetually mould-free. When you choose us, you choose the power to breathe easier, live healthier, and elevate your life.

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What other's say about us



    Hi there! So, my daughter's room had these moldy spores all over the walls and I was really worried about it, especially after finding out about the health risks on Google. Bit more research help me land with Mould Team people and I have to say, they were incredible especially with their communication, really humble people. From the moment I contacted them to the end of the job, they were super professional and effective. I'm really happy with their service and would definitely recommend them to anyone having similar problem.



      My experience with these guys was excellent. I like how their website was put together; it had all the information I needed. So I contacted them for this mold problem on my walls, probably because of some dampness caused by the plumbing issue; they were elaborate and impressed me with their field knowledge, so I got them on board. They did a perfect job. I'm happy with the results, and they ensured it won't come back for 12 months because of the barrier they put in, so that's good, too.



        Our office walls had this mould coming up all over the place, which was becoming a big problem for our health also it was destroying our office walls. I did some research, The Mould team seemed legit, and so I contacted them and asked for their free reports and consultation first. I have to say I’m not the sort of person who’s easily convinced, but they did an excellent job; they were professional, their reports were pretty elaborate, and the way they explained how they were going to approach this problem was really helpful like we had to clear specific sections, they were accommodating with everthing. Also they did an excellent job. Thank you very much.

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